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As the number of cars on the road increases each year, what to do with the old ones that are not roadworthy? The solution is our scrap yard Brisbane with all the latest equipment.

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We Are The Largest Metal Recyclers In Brisbane

Just Cash for Cars has been the pioneer in scrap car removal with innovative wrecking methods and the latest equipment. So no need to visit shady dealers left, right, and center when it’s easy to get rid of junk cars in as little as 24 hours.

Above all, our customers, team, and suppliers are of great value to us, which is why we are fully committed to our cause of eco friendly car disposal and recycling.

Sell car for cash with no additional costs or hidden charges, as honest practices are at the heart of our cash for cars process in Brisbane.

You think I need to sell my car, and we hear you. We offer to buy all commercial and domestic vehicles for our scrap yard Brisbane. Our team is ready for large scale commercial undertakings and small domestic cars equally.

Our scrap yard is authorized for all types of vehicle treatment, and our license is why you can trust us to dispose of your car with the highest environmental standards. We take your car off the road with proper disposal.

Vehicles We Dismantle In Our Scrap Yard

Vehicles We Dismantle In Our Scrap Yard

Our rule is simple. We buy vehicle regardless of their shape and size for top cash. Feel free to contact us for selling any of the vehicles below and more:

  • Cars
  • Sedans
  • Hatchbacks
  • Crossovers
  • Vans
  • SUVs
  • 4x4s
  • Coupes
  • Utes
  • Sports Cars
  • Dump Trucks
  • Station Wagons
  • Hybris Cars
  • Convertibles
  • Mini Vans

You don’t need to sell car privately anymore because we are here to take the lead and complete the process for you. And you don’t even need to lift a finger.

Find A Used Car Part Hassle Free At Our Scrap Yard In Brisbane

Gone are the days when a car owner would say, I need to dump my car. Now you can just buy a spare part. We are the leading auto parts supplier in Brisbane, offering doorstep delivery free of cost.

We dismantle all cars’ makes, models, and conditions, which is why our used car parts stock is always up to date.

Browse through our auto parts list to order what you need:

Engine Parts

  • Spark Plugs
  • Oil Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Belts
  • Hoses
  • Radiator

Suspension and Steering Parts

  • Shocks
  • Struts
  • Ball Joints
  • Tie Rods
  • Control Arms

Electrical Parts

  • Battery
  • Alternator
  • Starter
  • Spark Plug Wires
  • Oxygen Sensor

Transmission Parts

  • Clutch
  • CV Joints
  • Torque Converter
  • Axles
  • Oil Pump
  • Output Shaft
  • Brake Band
  • Valve Body

Interior Parts

  • Seat Belts
  • Airbags
  • Carpet
  • Floor Mats
  • Radio

Exhaust System

  • Muffler
  • Exhaust Pipe
  • Catalytic Converter


  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Rotors
  • Calipers

Fuel System

  • Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel Tank

Exterior Parts

  • Mirrors, Lights
  • Wiper Blades
  • Windshield
  • Tires
  • Bumpers (Rear and Front)
  • Headlights (Halogen, LED, or HID lights)
  • Taillights
  • Mirrors (Side Mirrors, both manual and power-adjustable)

Why Choose Us

Choosing our scrap yard Brisbane is the way to go for car removal because we have unparalleled perks in store for our customers.

Timely and Efficient

Our complete process, from quotes to final car removal, is a lickety split thing. Our team ensures to make it efficient and seamless so that you can sell your car in a few hours with cash in your hand.

All Necessary Paperwork Covered

Our legal team covers all the required paperwork for car title transfer, so you don’t have to go through any hassle during the process. Even if your car is written off or unregistered, we will buy it without needing to renew your car registration or anything.

Free Inspection At Your Location

Tired of taking your vehicle to dealerships for inspection and quotes? Well, no more. Our team will provide a car inspection at your home at the exact date and time you like. No charges for this inspection.

Ready to make top cash up to $20,999 with unlimited benefits of our scrap yard Brisbane? Or are you looking for genuine spare parts for nominal prices?

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