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About Our Junk, Scrap Car Collection

About Our Junk, Scrap Car Collection

We are an old car collection team that came into business with the sole purpose of helping every old car owner in trouble. We are focused on being the best in service, and our team strives to establish a benchmark in the business of doing so.

  • Accidental SUVs or UTEs
  • Written-off Trucks
  • Scrap Vans
  • Flooded Cars
  • Faulty Electric and Hybrid Cars
  • Classic Cars Pick-up
  • Vintage Car Collection
  • Muscle Car Removal

Avail Free Old Cars Collection With Us

Is your old vehicle no longer suitable to drive? It might be a burden for you and the environment but not for us.

Just Cash for Cars not only values your scrap but also provide free old cars collection throughout Brisbane. We buy vehicles of all sizes, shapes, and conditions.

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Why We Are The Best Choice For Your Old, Unwanted Car Collection In Brisbane

We are a one-stop shop for all your cash for car needs. And have the best hands in the industry for a seamless and effortless scrap car removal.

Vast Experience

Our industry experience is something that a few can match. We are the oldest, most established Car Removal Team in the entire Brisbane Car Market. What started as a small setup almost a decade ago has become the biggest vehicle collection company. And there is no looking back.

Unmatched Expertise

The professionals are rigorously trained to help you go through any difficult situation. Besides, our staff is available 24/7. You can feel free to seek advice and professional guidance anytime.

Modern Fleet of Tow Trucks

We possess a fully-licensed fleet of diverse tow trucks to tackle all situations and roadside emergencies smoothly.

  1. Flat-Bed or Roll-Back Tow Truck: They accommodate non-running vehicles on their flat-topped empty bed on the rear.
  2. Hook and Chain Tow Trucks: They feature a heavy-duty hook and chain attached to the rear. The vehicle needing a tow can be attached to the hook lifting one side while the other remains on the ground.
  3. Integrated Tow Truck: Best for heavy-duty towing, integrated tow trucks specialize in picking large vehicles such as buses, vans, trucks, and rigs.
  4. Wheel-lift Tow Truck: An updated version of the Hook and Chain tow truck except for a chain. As the name suggests, these tow trucks lift a vehicle’s front part, dragging the other behind to the destination.

The Right Equipment

Owning advanced towing equipment ensures efficient car removal Brisbane of any type and size of the vehicle. We ensure that our team and trucks are equipped with the right towing equipment before they are dispatched.

Some of the most common tools for a smooth and safe transfer include:

  1. Electric Winch
  2. Towing Chains & Tow Straps
  3. Winch Cables
  4. Tow Dolly & Wheel Net Baskets
  5. Snatch Blocks
  6. Tow Hooks
  7. Recovery Slings
  8. Shackles

What We Offer To Old Car Owners QLD

We are not just concerned about offering scrap cars pick-up. In fact, we go a step beyond that. Our business idea revolves around providing an exceptional customer experience from start to end. A safe, simple, convenient, and memorable journey to forge lasting relations.

Reliable and Secure

Our fast, reliable, and affordable solutions will take care of all your scrap car removal needs from A to Z

24/7 Responsive

Want to dump my car? Our team will swiftly respond to your urgent and non-urgent requests and ensure we reach you in time.

Roadside Assistance

Even if you have met an unfortunate accident in the middle of nowhere, you can count on us. We render the best form of assistance, however minor or extensive the damage.

Quick and Convenient

Our goal is to help you sell car for cash in the most hassle-free and easy way. One call and you will have an expert with the right equipment and tow truck on your door.
This can only be achieved by being available round-the-clock with the right people and tools.

Fair Evaluations

Car enthusiasts can rest assured that we are honest in our doings. We will take time for a detailed vehicle inspection and quote a fair price without cutting corners.
No matter if your vehicle suddenly broke down in the middle of the road or has been long-standing idle in the garage, we have the appropriate equipment for your rescue.

So, call without hesitation and enjoy free old car collection anytime.